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 “The emerging market world is ready for a borderless mobile money platform — something ubiquitous and mobile operator/SIM card independent, something different than what's out there already.”

Odero Otieno
Co-Founder & CEO of NextPesa and DawaSwift


 About NextPesa


NextPesa is a mobile money and data science company which is on a mission to lead and accelerate the next phase of financial inclusion by eliminating the barriers of unscalability, unavailability, inaccessibility, unaffordability and limited transparency of mobile money services globally.

NextPesa is a consumer and enterprise-grade mobile money technology app, platform (and API) that is democratizing the geographically-limited, unscalable and unaffordable mobile money transfers and payments (local and global) industry. NextPesa does this using a borderless and globally scalable mobile money technology app that is mobile operator/sim card operator independent. The Nextpesa app consolidates all customers with any mobile phone from any mobile/SIM card operator in any country and geographical area, and banks through a tight network of human mobile money agents located in simple structures like mom-and-pop shops in any corner of the country. A customer's mobile phone number dramatically becomes a bank account from which they can perform transfers and payments globally, powered by the revolutionary Nextpesa app.

Through its AI-powered infrastructure, NextPesa seeks to lead the next phase of financial inclusion by enabling individuals and businesses to access tailored financial solutions that dramatically reduces costs for transfers and payments.


Launching in early 2020, NextPesa is the next phase of global person-to-person mobile money transfers and business-to-person/person-to-business mobile money payments powered by cutting-edge technology. Here are the 6 things we believe about global mobile money



It should be affordable and fair

At NextPesa, we believe that for a truly financially included world, the currently high costs of accessing/withdrawing,sending/transfering money locally within countries and internationally/globally should be long gone and non-existent. NextPesa is using cutting-edge technology and is on track to revolutionize the global money payments and transfers industry and financially empower billions of people globally.


It should be accessible and ubiquitous

Existing (if any) mobile money services in areas such as Kenya (global leader), Canada, India, USA, China, Nigeria, UK etc. are restricted geographically and isolated technologically(e.g Kenya's mobile money is restricted to a sim card) making the services inaccessible to billions of people internationally.


It should be available

The NextPesa app is also accompanied by a USSD platform (offline) that allows people with even the cheapest feature phones anywhere in the world to make mobile money services available (on-demand) to everyone globally.



It should be simple, and fast!

It has always been a sweat when sending money/receiving money globally due to the processes that are needed. NextPesa mobile money wallet makes it easier and faster than any existing money services such as ATM withdrawal.


It should be transparent

At NextPesa, we pride ourselves in transparency. We only charge what we have to. For that reason, all transaction costs are displayed upfront and customers are informed of their savings on competitors upfront on the NextPesa app. Customers can also track where their money is at any time.


The power of human customer service

NextPesa is powered by a wide and immensely interconnected network of mobile money agents and dedicated bank tellers who are available for cash in/cash out by customers. We belive that we can create immense value from removing complexity. That's why we offer have personalized and dedicated customer support team in every country of operation. We will still have walk in customer care centres with dedicated support team in every city of operation, because sometimes a financial solutionis just a conversation a way.





What's it with the name NextPesa? What's with the slogan the "next phase of global mobile money"? At NextPesa, we’re building a a truly global mobile money app/platform that seeks to lead and accelerate the next phase of global financial inclusion by making financial services available, accessible and affordable to the 2 billion unbanked and 1.7 billion banked but underserved population globally with great focus on emerging markets where we are poised to make the greatest impact.

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NextPesa is building a revolutionary borderless and mobile operator agnostic ecosystem of mobile money agents operating in every corner of the country for deposits and withdrawals, international money transfer partners, businesses (for bill payments), fintech companies, and bank partners around our global mobile money app and API platform.

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